Auto-Typer Tutorial [C#]

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4 responses to “Auto-Typer Tutorial [C#]”

  1. ELBiMiKe says:

    Its not with () it is with {}

  2. lpguitarist06 says:

    should get you started…i took a typing test with it and got 336 WPM lol….i use it to auto log in rs w/o it going ALL at once..i dunno i guess i have no life and is easily amused

  3. lpguitarist06 says:

    if you wanted to make it more human-like, for fun, use a for loop to get one keystroke out at a time and put code after it to simulate keystrokes like….
    string text = textBox1.Text;
    for (int i = 0; i < text.Length; i++) { keystroke = text.SubString( i, 1); SendKeys.SendWait(keystroke); Random number = new Random(); int rndNumber = number.Next(80, 200); Thread.Sleep(rdnNumber); } i know this is all unorganized but i'm on my iphone and theres alot more u can do but that

  4. lpguitarist06 says:

    If you wantes to make it more humanlike, for fun, use a for loop to grab a single character and add code to delay a random range of time. Like keystroke = text.SubString(i, 1) then sendkeys.sendwait(keystroke) then delay for a range of random number, its pretty cool

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