Photoshop CS4 Tutorial – Removing Large Elements in a Photo [In Depth]

Photoshop CS4 Tutorial - Removing Large Elements in a Photo  [In Depth]

An in-depth Adobe Photoshop CS4 tutorial, going over a specific problem of removing a number of large elements in a photos.…

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19 responses to “Photoshop CS4 Tutorial – Removing Large Elements in a Photo [In Depth]”

  1. joe tan says:

    thank you very much for such wonderful tutorial 😀

  2. Raj Thakur says:

    i want to learn photoshop cs3 remove cloth plzzz help

  3. Joshua Grey Jensen says:

    Nice thumbnail/ logo! 😀
    It made me laugh!

  4. Remrence says:

    This was fascinating to watch. I’m just trying to figure out Photoshop CS4 now, so your tutorials are very helpful. Thank you.

  5. 1119android says:

    i have a picture that has marker on it..i scan it but can’t remove the marker!

  6. myyshka says:

    Helped me very much! Thank You!
    Oh, and I would like to ask You – maybe You know how to place a photo in to collage(collage has only white area and on this area has to be a photo)The main problem is that on this white area comes some elements(flowers, other objects)and the photo that I want to insert in this white area goes ONLY ON all collage. How to place it under collage? It’s like in picnik, that you just insert a photo. Help me, please!:)

  7. StephanieKate9210 says:

    very nice. I love photoshop 😀 this tutorial was very easy to follow 😀 thanks

  8. panzertank15 says:

    very informative. Thanks

  9. TutorVidCom says:

    Or else do a search for this
    Photoshop Tutorial: 10 Essential Shortcuts TutorVidCom

  10. ratedfx says:

    no no, i understood it now thank you 😀 but you said it like [and] so i thought u meant “and” key, but really much thank you that comes in handy 🙂 you earned a subscriber here >:)

  11. TutorVidCom says:

    No just press the ] key to make the brush bigger and the [ key to make the brush smaller … better yet just watch the tutorial I did on it. – do a search for tutorvidcom brush size

  12. ratedfx says:

    typo* to not to get mad to photoshop. 🙂

  13. ratedfx says:

    thank you really much for commenting me, but where actually is the “and” button :O do you mean like that i push shift and 6 so it makes & ? :DD haha dunno.. please reply to me it helps me so much to get mad to photoshop 🙂

  14. TutorVidCom says:

    Yeah, you can just press [ and ] to make the the brush smaller and bigger and shift+] for harder brush and shift+[ for softer brush.

  15. ratedfx says:

    its a nice tutorial, already knew how to do this but just wanted to see how you manage to do it and it looked like there even havent been any table so nice job 🙂

    but is there a shortcut / hotkey to change the brush size? i hate that i allways have to click on the brush thing and then change the bruch size by sliding in there.. :S

  16. Caven412 says:

    Damn that turned out really nice

  17. TutorVidCom says:

    I’ll do a tutorial on this in the future.

  18. TheFPSJerry says:

    nice vid! But I have this car in a picture, I want to remove the car then put it onto another image. how would I do this? Like in the pic on this vid, if i wanted to remove the pictureon the wall , and paste it into another picture

  19. yushsue says:

    Oh my God- U r Goooooooooooooood. I wish I could develop some of ur skills. Keep it up.

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