C# Tutorial – 18 – Interface

C# Tutorial - 18 - Interface

This C# tutorial lives at: www.programmingvideotutorials.com The video covers C# interfaces. This tutorial is now available as a book: Hardcopy & Kindle: amzn.com Epub: www.smashwords.com

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10 responses to “C# Tutorial – 18 – Interface”

  1. denoskyldige says:

    It’s good for addons and plugins.
    The plugins might use certain functions, then they need an interface to BE SURE, that those functions exists. Else they throw errors.

  2. satti121212 says:

    And other way is when you take a requirement as a project manager you implement the main business functions without functionality and force the developers to develop that functiuonality

  3. satti121212 says:

    Thanks for your post .There are variety ways to underatand interfaces.if you go in service oriend application you implement some functionality and you give it’s abstraction to stake holders so that we can restrict the stake holder to pass all the data,which is required to execute business logic

  4. Nennig says:

    This is the best explanation of interfaces that I found on the web; Thank you!

  5. sweatyhot says:

    I enjoyed listening to your voice. As an American sometimes I get really frustrated when I can’t understand or follow a non native speakers accent. I really enjoyed listening to you because you have a great voice and you spoke so clearly that I didn’t have to watch the screen to figure out what was going on. Thank you for posting this

  6. TheBatchGuy says:

    I still don’t see a truly good reason to use interfaces. 🙁

  7. PredatorianStyl says:

    nice video

  8. zerotoinfinite2006 says:

    Great explanation. After a long research on Interface finally I got a good explanation

  9. webbsk says:

    Excellent job!

  10. jayblaze2 says:

    great video

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