Great Artists Steal – an After Effects Tutorial

Great Artists Steal - an After Effects Tutorial My brother-in-law Tom Gabriel owns this very cool machine shop in Wyoming, and every time we head up th…
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14 responses to “Great Artists Steal – an After Effects Tutorial”

  1. Isaac Dean says:

    That wouldn’t have made a very good tutorial video would it.

  2. pokiou says:

    just a quick question, couldn’t you jsut copy and past the first one you created and just changed the knoll and name of the item?

  3. Shayne Lew says:

    Click the layer and make individual changes if needed. Hope I helped

  4. Shayne Lew says:

    Hey Dave, I’m sure somebody already told you this but I couldn’t help but to notice that the way you added the effects and tracked all your newly created layers was pretty in sufficient. Once everything created, I would have highlited your new shape layers and text, right clicked and clicked ‘pre-compose’. This way, it all acts as one layer and you only have to add effects once. If for some reason you needed to go back and edit one of the layers you just pre-comped, you could just double…

  5. Stephen Kemp says:

    Have you posted this video? It would be nice to see.

  6. Misho5z says:

    Hi, nice video Dave, just one tip, if you want to copy an effect and it’s settings, simply use ctrl+c to copy it from one layer then ctrl+v to paste it on anything else. 😉
    This includes keyframes too.

  7. fipsfoxy says:

    One of the things i love about AE – multiple ways to get the desired “effect”.

    Yes, you could make a proper 3d setup within AE and achieve the blur / focus etc. with the camera settings etc.

    but on the other hand – just keyframe some blur and resize the objects in a 2d workspace.

    (Almost) same look – completely different approaches – each with it’s pros/cons.

    Really like your channel/site btw. – great content !

  8. CarterFilmLtd says:

    This probably occurred to you right after doing the video, but you should just completely keyframe the blur for one object and then copy paste to the others.

  9. DeathByDurians says:

    It would be much cooler to use The Foundry 3D tracker with 3D text!

  10. stoeptegel50 says:

    Nyan Cat, fix it in 100 ways.

  11. anneorshine says:

    I had to watch many other tutorials on the side to understand this one. There were many parts that weren’t explain and skipped over. It’s tough for a beginner to understand “switch the pivot point”. It would have been nice to know what tools that were being used. =(

  12. Ryan B says:

    did you shoot this on the t3i or the mark 5ii? my t3i video isnt all to sharp like urs. I’m zooming in and grabbing focus but its not as sharp as yours.

  13. sugarvillephoto says:

    Hey Dave, very nice tutorial. I have done a Video where i inserted effects from your tutorial. Would be glad to hear your opinion. Here is the Link: /watch?v=aAOpmjeEq44&feature=g-upl Greetings from Germany!

  14. Rulerofwax24 says:

    It is a good effect, and it can be really useful in a lot of applications to know about camera tracking, and keyframing, and blurs, but all of that can be learned from VideoCopilot, which I think he has a lot more and better effects and does it quicker. Although I already had an idea how to do this, I could just use my arrow keys to jump ahead and get the same thing. The tutorial was just pretty slow.

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