HTML Tutorial 1 – How To Make Your First Website (Basic)

HTML Tutorial 1 - How To Make Your First Website (Basic)

Tutorial No. 1 – The basics of web designing. Level – Basic Teaches You – How to write your first webpage.

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12 responses to “HTML Tutorial 1 – How To Make Your First Website (Basic)”

  1. SynergyMelter says:

    Errm… I dont get how this guy has so many views! He’s using a frigging camera!

  2. Xstudio97 says:

    used cam studio7 for cam deskop 😉

  3. jeannegonzales831 says:

    @bbfreebie how can I change the address?

  4. farzanamehnaz says:

    Hi dear friends.. You are learn here about How To Make Your First Website basics.
    You are know Html is basic of web site designing ..
    If you want to learn HTML so please came on you tube and search here movies related with basics of HTML and watch, after watching you are learn i sure..
    Thanks for sharing with all members about Basics of HTML…

  5. nomanabid48 says:

    Thanks for uploading the video. if any of you are having problems with HTML, this site easyhtml . net was really helpful for me. it’s the same place I went to, good luck and happy coding. i hope it helps!

  6. TheSmkbear says:

    Thank you

  7. howtocreatewebsite says:

    This video was what I needed for my html project. Thanks.

  8. scbjgs says:

    that website doesn’t exist?

  9. costelusv1 says:

    asta a filmat cu fixu =))

  10. maansukhmaan says:

    plz download an screencaputer to make tutorial

  11. koken1000 says:

    download cam program :S

  12. MUTORIALS says:

    Ever heard about a screenrecorder???

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