Jumper/Nightcrawler After Effects Tutorial

Jumper/Nightcrawler After Effects Tutorial

That is the Tutorial for my Jumper Clip! LINKS: Sound (WAV): www.mediafire.com Smoke Effect (MOV): www.mediafire.com I made the Effect with Particular! You can buy it on www.redgiantsoftware.com Music is made by myself in Magix Music Maker.

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3 responses to “Jumper/Nightcrawler After Effects Tutorial”

  1. Jojo Aseniero says:

    Hey how can you put the smoke by still frame what the command in Adobe after Effect

  2. VCLproduction says:

    so talent :D

  3. NanobyteStudio says:

    - Best place where i would recomend is Action Essentials 2. Hope it helped.

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