3ds Max Biped physique tutorial part 1

3ds Max Biped  physique tutorial part 1


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10 responses to “3ds Max Biped physique tutorial part 1”

  1. Bay Ram says:

    Unbelieveable hello, biped “Figure Mode” and Structure “Height” use value.

  2. Unbelieveable says:

    when i done skin that model with my biped . how to resize that ? my model
    always broken when i resize that biped after add bones in skin .

  3. Gustavo Guzman says:

    whats that floater with the block figure?

  4. Sudhakar Animator says:

    thank u

  5. TimelessDimensions says:

    hey what codec did u use for video? it’s very sharp image 🙂

  6. Bay Ram says:

    divx codec (6000kbit/sec 30 frame)

  7. MrGamergg says:

    What can I save my biped character as so that I can merge more biped
    characters to make a movie?

  8. Bay Ram says:

    Búsqueda de 3ds max ScriptSpot el navegador. “Bipedsel o bipedSelector”

  9. adolfo cabarcas says:

    Bu iki ayaklı bir menüyü getirmek için ne gibi

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