PHP,HTML Tutorial // POST, Table, Forms

PHP,HTML Tutorial // POST, Table, Forms

A PHP and HTML Tutorial in which we processes information from a form using the $ _POST[]; functions in PHP and created a table and form. Link for Notepad2:

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6 responses to “PHP,HTML Tutorial // POST, Table, Forms”

  1. Joseph McCranie says:

    Good instructions for practice. A little fast, but that is what I have a pause button for. Thanks man.

  2. heyhelloallpeople says:

    Super! Tutorial!

  3. iMatthewTV says:

    Took him a while to figure out that he forgot to end the cellpadding attribute

  4. theBIGprogrammers says:

    I got HTML and JavaScript Tutorials…. SUB AND ENJOY!

  5. rsmaster15ify says:

    how do you learn all that!?

  6. extraContrabando says:

    thanks~ i like your voice~ :)))

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