Serial COM Tutorial Part 4 (Visual Studio C#)

Serial COM Tutorial Part 4 (Visual Studio C#)

This tutorial shows how one can use their PC virtual COM ports for easy serial communication. download the example code (C# serial instance messaging): https…
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12 responses to “Serial COM Tutorial Part 4 (Visual Studio C#)”

  1. artlife289 says:

    how to know my RFID reader is connected
    to which COM??for example COM1,2…and so on??

  2. artlife289 says:

    do u have any tutorial that create form in vs c# and read or write to rfid

  3. kle8309 says:

    i’m not sure what you are asking here

  4. artlife289 says:

    is there only available show output at putty configuration??

  5. nagisons says:


  6. kle8309 says:

    Check and see if you have included the System.IO Class in code

  7. max okojie says:

    I got this error

    “An unhandled exception of type ‘System.IO.IOException’ occurred in System.dll

    Additional information: The device is not connected.”

    what am I doing wrong?



    Thanks for your tutorials..Keep up your good work brother,, 😀 🙂

  9. kle8309 says:

    I haven’t try to program VS with usb protocol since most MCUs use serial

  10. kle8309 says:

    you can use the usb port as a com port

  11. kle8309 says:

    see description for links

  12. Carlos Barberis says:

    Thank you so much !! Where could I download the source code for both the C++ and C# applications for the serial port routines

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