RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 13 (advanced designs)

RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 13 (advanced designs)

How to make a willow type explosion, advanced spark trail colour, multiple colour explosions, Pos Circle settings.
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6 responses to “RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 13 (advanced designs)”

  1. ShannenGonzales360 says:

    Hey´╗┐ davie499 can you show us how to make bowtie and can you show us how you make your fireworks ­čÖé

  2. nederlands100 says:

    the stars of the more colour´╗┐ shel is awsome

  3. fonixfree says:

    ~For some reason when I´╗┐ try to make a willow, my explosion particles dont fall “Downwards”. even when I move the drag and gravity up or down! PLZ HELP!

  4. masterflipper1 says:

    It´╗┐ worked. Thanks.

  5. masterflipper1 says:

    I can’t even get to the fire works editor! I know how to make every thing EXCEPT CUSTOM FIREWORKS. I don’t´╗┐ know how to get to it.

  6. davie499 says:

    as a new emitter off the shell, make another´╗┐ ball of stars which has all variables identical, except colour.

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