RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 7 (making glitter)

RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 7 (making glitter)

How to make your firework have glitter or sparkle.

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16 responses to “RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 7 (making glitter)”

  1. Evanhardlife says:

    guido fawkes type it in the guess name. or you can find it in the first tutorial

  2. gas hole says:

    If you get 100,000 or more on my pc it crashes.

  3. ShannenGonzales360 says:

    My particles that is active is 10537 it’s just okay?

  4. ShannenGonzales360 says:

    Yes!! halfway to advance no fails no backing to start!!

  5. randysign says:

    Where can I find the advanced firework editor in RCT3?

  6. pakizzzzzzzzz says:

    i done what you said but i have no glitter i only have my firework also not sure but im using rct3 with no expansion do i need the expansion or is it some other problem thanks

  7. joshmenzel says:

    Please help me!
    I followed your video exactly.

  8. joshmenzel says:

    The glitter is not showing properly in my computer. The glitter will do 1 of 3 things
    1. The glitter won’t show up at all
    2. The glitter will show just as all the other particles have died
    3. The glitter will show up on time (rare)

  9. Dragonicafan says:

    if you know how fireworks look in real life then you should roughly know how to make them in the game.

  10. Dragonicafan says:

    dude. everybody can do their own fireworks in this game, the makers just didnt show u how :P

  11. davie499 says:

    start from #1!

  12. counterafk says:

    help me, i dont know how to make fireworks at all.

  13. 145guesswho says:

    no duh. you need to be good at science and math for this.

  14. davie499 says:

    Adjust the gravity; sparks usually have 0 gravity, or very little.

  15. progamerxt says:

    i did exactly what you said but at the end the sparks fell down to the ground how do i fix that?

  16. progamerxt says:

    Dude do u have a pyro tect license? cause making these in the game is very to real life…

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