RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 8 (multiple shells)

RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 8 (multiple shells)

How to make a firework with more than one projectile. Also, a brief explanation of aiming controls.
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14 responses to “RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 8 (multiple shells)”

  1. ShannenGonzales360 says:

    what a thanks now I can mix tutorial 4,5 and 8 so it’ll be multiple explosions!!!

  2. ShannenGonzales360 says:

    how can you shoot the multiple shells one by one?

  3. ShannenGonzales360 says:

    Wow davie499 looks like you are the friendly firework teacher! and crypticAFV is a good entertainer you live in english land crypticAFV lives in deutschland!

  4. ShannenGonzales360 says:

    @davie499 hey why after tutorial 7 you change the firework?

  5. acemouse7991 says:

    I really like the glitter in the spark trials. Can you make a tutorial or give a reference on how to do that?


    when i change the shell emitter or second one to ten particles my computer slows down at only 5 one time i went to ten and it froze i do not know why?? i have a mac and everything runs so fast

  7. lololololololololo57 says:

    5:57 artillery incoming!!!!!

  8. 12royboyz says:

    Im so lost in this tutorial

  9. davie499 says:

    add sphere speed to the shells

  10. rmlzextream says:

    How do you make them go up in a semicircle? sort of like this _I/_ but obviously with more shells?

  11. galactictank says:

    he used 2 colors ( you can see that in the video ) those are a orange and a yellow color and together they make the golden spark

  12. pakizzzzzzzzz says:

    how did you make the glittery golden tails

  13. davie499 says:

    don’t know what you mean, but try tutorial 2

  14. Carking18 says:

    what are the options meaning the life and emitter, etc., for all the fireworks and particle emmiters

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