logo design illustrator tutorial Simple

logo design illustrator tutorial Simple

http://graphic-design-blog-tutorials.blogspot.com logo design illustrator tutorial Simple http://www.facebook.com/had86.
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10 responses to “logo design illustrator tutorial Simple”

  1. graphic design tutorials says:

    tnx u 🙂

  2. MBlu3 says:

    keep making these tutorials, you inspire me 😀

  3. Jelena Vukić says:


  4. spreepin says:

    You could have aligned those gradients better.

  5. Tijul Islam says:

    also very nice your tutorials

  6. kekica73 says:

    waaauuu, very nice. thanks

  7. Sameer Khan says:

    can any one make my logos plz

  8. Kurt Michels says:

    really nice, but would be way better if it had sound 🙂 thanks for sharing

  9. Abdus SamaD says:

    ok thanks for tutorial

  10. 艺品优设 says:

    hey shotafem, i like your tutorials~

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