Swirling Rainbows: Illustrator Tutorial!

Swirling Rainbows: Illustrator Tutorial!

Check this video out at Hi-Res here: www.tutvid.com Have you ever seen those looping, swooshing, swirling rainbow graphics used in all kinds of graphics ranging from logos, and sketches, to grungy and retro illustrations? Well we are going to create one of them in Illustrator and learn how to export it to a program such as Photoshop as a samrt object to utilize it as a smart object so we can both retain vector scalability while giving us the option to use Illustrator to edit the graphic for us! Please check out www.tutvid.com for more free videos and downloads!
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19 responses to “Swirling Rainbows: Illustrator Tutorial!”

  1. SkepticCraft says:

    also, just using the selection tool and making a box over the whole thing while they were touching then right-click>group wouldve been much faster.

    its the little things ;P

  2. LONGSHOTfilmes says:

    Exactly B-)

  3. imfreeareyou says:

    I love the title Chasin that Rainbow’ It fits well with the image.

  4. Artybruh says:

    I hadn’t considered that… ThANK YOU!! and you can just like add glows looking effects and stuff by adding new fills in the “appearance panel” zomg lol, so glad I came across your comment, haha

  5. MD3Designs says:

    check my page out for upcoming tutorials & examples of my work! subcribe to me today 🙂

  6. crysdaly says:

    Thanks this really helped me with my logo Im working on

  7. brieBETCH says:

    this is amazing 🙂

  8. arisengr01 says:

    thanks great stuff..

  9. jumarco11 says:

    hi! i’m new at illustrator, how can i create an Art Brush from squares and how to apply to paths…?

  10. tweekin001 says:

    What does this mean!?

  11. happygamestvfun1 says:

    photoshop vs illustrator for posters and shit?

  12. Graphos78 says:

    Whit the blend tool you can do the same in 2 seconds!

  13. firshania says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. It helped me a lot.

  14. apps4applemacs says:

    A bit of a long winded way of creating a rainbow!, you can easily do the same thing in 20 seconds by creating a new brush and then apply it to the path?

  15. sofiane123456 says:

    awsome tut , thasnks !

  16. cHarMalne says:

    it’s GREAT!! ^^ thx!!

  17. thenassbass says:

    why the fuck do people have pc? motherfuckers. Use mac

  18. CreoleSkipster says:

    Your vids are the best. I’ve never learned so much in such a short time.  Thanks for all the detail also.

  19. soulholder says:

    Thanx for you time man ur tutorials are great

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