Lightroom 3 Noise Reduction Tutorial

Lightroom 3 Noise Reduction Tutorial

Lightroom 3 has made some vast improvements to the noise reduction component of it’s detail panel in the develop module. In this video, I discuss how noise reduction works as well as the difference between color and luminance noise. Be sure to check out my website for more coolness –

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10 responses to “Lightroom 3 Noise Reduction Tutorial”

  1. rowdyrodb says:

    Excellent video, it certainly helped me with noisy files from my Canon.

  2. Sidowse says:

    I made that post over a year ago, please think before you post.

  3. cockyjeremy says:

    Just imagine even newer cameras like the 5D Mark III at 6400. Almost noise free. The megapixel race is now the ISO race.

  4. kvisualtree says:

    More than the tools in the software, whats imp is how to use them and this tutorial does just that very clearly. This has helped me get my ISO 3200 image in place…Thanks 🙂

  5. Fais Ahmad says:

    great buddy…thank’s alot…

  6. richardd2063 says:

    well done buddy, great vid, very clear and instructive.

  7. jjdbest7 says:

    great video man! Im getting this specially since its 50% off right now, I have a d7000 I wish i can afford a d700 to avoid this noise

  8. 300Z31 says:

    This is an excellent video, thank you. Very well explained, and clear. Thanks again.

  9. 300Z31 says:

    Yeah dude. Sony’s new A77 has a Twilight mode where it shoots at ISO 16,000. Yes, I put the comma in the correct place. But what it does is takes 6 images at that ISO and since noise is random, it replaces pixels as it needs to from those 6 exposures, and creates one clear image in very low light. Just an amazing tid-bit about ISO’s, not comparing Sony to whatever…just kind of a cool feature.

  10. elektriksheep says:

    Awesome. Thanks for this – useful stuff, for sure :O)

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