XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 6 – Adding Links to our Webpage

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 6 - Adding Links to our Webpage

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10 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 6 – Adding Links to our Webpage”

  1. dropbows90 says:

    Connectivity is indeed a word! It’s used in the field of computer networks. Thought you woulda known that ol’ Bucky

  2. Acnebush says:

    What if the second page isnt in the same directory??

  3. IWillTeachYouTheWays says:

    2 people don’t know what a link is

  4. AsasinationzStudio says:

    Click the link with the mouse wheel or right click and click “open in new tab”

  5. MrWill003 says:

    How to make it open in a new tab?

  6. Gabriel Smith says:

    my second page does not show up

  7. ChaosKratosV says:

    How do you open in a new tab?

  8. Cinovox says:

    The first video we weren’t meant to know what a text editor was, but now the tutorial wants you to KNOW what a link is! This *CSS* is about to get real!

  9. SMstikx7 says:

    I get what you’re saying though, don’t feel bad 🙂

  10. SMstikx7 says:

    So you went through billions of websites to get here? About time.

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