create a basic landscape in 3ds max tutorial

create a basic landscape in 3ds max tutorial

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13 responses to “create a basic landscape in 3ds max tutorial”

  1. selmuir says:

    Found it, i was looking in the wrong folder. Look in the C drive, it will
    be in there

  2. Roos999 says:

    great tut but can you make a tut how to make clouds pls? but great tut man
    keep up the good work

  3. meetajhu says:

    Thanks man

  4. Josip Raos says:

    thanks! 🙂

  5. selmuir says:

    Same here??????????????

  6. yatudlabiereicit says:


  7. xXhackerzteamXx says:

    i just got 3ds max 2010 its awsome! NICE video

  8. admirxbox360 says:

    dude u rock

  9. Vannras says:

    go to the 3dmax folder: “maps”. there you have some materials, at least I
    have 😛

  10. Wayne Beeston says:

    excellent tutorial

  11. nuwud says:

    Awesome! This definitely covered some basics in Max 9 for me. I love it!

  12. SuperTerendo says:

    In Spanish,pleaseeeeee.

  13. Dave Jones says:

    2 years and counting

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