3DS MAX Minecraft Tutorial:The Basic Model (Part 1)

3DS MAX Minecraft Tutorial:The Basic Model (Part 1)

First part in a sieries of tutorials this one is very basic and quite short, feel free to give criticism. Please Rate and subscribe

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13 responses to “3DS MAX Minecraft Tutorial:The Basic Model (Part 1)”

  1. TheWizardOfRubick says:

    Oh, and your obviously not french

  2. TheWizardOfRubick says:

    How do I put my own minecraft skin onto the character? Please reply!

  3. Tom Jenkins says:

    don’t worry if u go to the corner of the screen there should be [+] [Perspective] [Wireframe]
    click on wireframe and a droplist will come and just select clay.

  4. SekenzBoy says:

    Can you give à download link? Im french and  i dont understand the tutorial ;(

  5. TheEnderCreeper24 says:

    He made this tutorial for a reason.Make it yourself.

  6. theabyss650 says:

    what’s the text to speech program you used? it sounds just like the one from UKF dubstep tutorial 🙂

  7. TeufortToothKickin says:

    This is exactly what i was looking for,thanks! 😀

  8. The3DSMAXChannel says:

    Do you mean its in wire frame mode? if so then pres F3 and if that dosnt work because sometimes hotkeys dont work then in the top left hand corner click the word wireframe and change it to realistic or shaded.

  9. FreshlySqueezed17 says:

    also that it is filled in when i render it help!

  10. FreshlySqueezed17 says:

    help please! when i make a box they are not colored, i have a colour selceted and everything it just turn out empty and its exremly hard to use
    Can someone please help me out 😀

  11. CheezyActionFilmz says:

    excellent tutorials man you really helped me out

  12. Deox101 says:

    how do u zoom in so it shows the body flat like he does?

  13. KolaCooler says:

    I will buy this rig off you on Paypal. Meaning you have to give a download to me of it.

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