Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners #30 – Show Formulas on a Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners #30 - Show Formulas on a Spreadsheet

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17 responses to “Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners #30 – Show Formulas on a Spreadsheet”

  1. CharCharPLUR says:

    What happen if I want to display only one cell’s formula? Is there a method
    to do that?

  2. Peter Lelkes says:

    I googled and found out that the keyboard shortcut is: “CONTROL + GRAVE
    ACCENT (`)” The ctrl-key is (at least on a Swedish keyboard), the 2nd key
    to the left from “apple” Unfortunately, the shortcut does not work for me
    either 🙁

  3. Desire Phillips says:

    Your tutorials are quite good. You explain things in plain and simple
    English. There is only one observation: the values on the column Rentals
    (Average, Max, Min) should not have the pound sign before it. They are not
    currency values, but quantities. I am sure you have noticed this before, it
    is just to alert viewers to it, as some might not know it or notice it.
    Thank you very much for making such valuable tutorials available at You

  4. xxcart kristen says:

    thank you!

  5. Jroccc8181 says:

    Thanks for creating 2010 videos for beginners

  6. dm Ji says:

    You are the best tutor ever!!!

  7. hassan anwar says:

    Thank you

  8. 1020eugenia says:

    thank you

  9. Murthala Shafiul says:

    Very nice tutorial for every one

  10. zincis says:

    Thanks for the tutorials, looking forward to next one…

  11. gladys Kays says:

    thank you so much for all these tutorial.. you are the best teacher ever..
    God Bless 🙂

  12. KDCAL500 says:

    I don’t know what the “spare key” is on my mac keyboard. Can anybody help?

  13. KDCAL500 says:

    Still not working for me. I’ve tried every kind of key on the keyboard. On
    Macs don’t have Ctrl. Next to the Z is shift. Are American keyboards

  14. MotionTraining says:

    On the Mac keyboard I believe the show formula shortcut is Ctrl + ` (that’s
    the key just to the left of the ‘Z’ key). Use the same shortcut to hide
    formulas. Hope that helps & thanks for watching.

  15. Ashish Rawat says:

    Thanks 🙂

  16. TheZEROpointTHREE says:

    Yes ur best than my teacher thank you bro

  17. wwjd526 says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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