After Effects Tutorial – 17 – Introduction to Masking

After Effects Tutorial - 17 - Introduction to Masking

Part 18 – First video on Masking in After Effects cs3 visit my website at
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21 responses to “After Effects Tutorial – 17 – Introduction to Masking”

  1. Cold4ged says:

    I was looking for the the crop tool forever. Noob. Thanks again.

  2. InLoveWithDesign says:

    I searched so long for this simple effect. Thank you so much for that video!!!

  3. Sherif Ashraf says:

    I made my own character also, Abby the Aubergine 😀

  4. cr c says:

    how can I move the mask? position.?

  5. montgal52 says:

    Excellent Tutorial. Are you going to go over how to Feather that same mask?

  6. MrSubernPerson says:

    holy crap 2613 videos!?!

  7. donnybyrd says:

    Great tutorial.. btw.. is it possible to place another video within the outside of the mask to replace the black area?

  8. goofygooberaustin says:

    yeah, from your mom “hehe”.

  9. shmykis says:

    man you’re like, just better and free !!! 🙂 many thanks !!!

  10. acaste4246yahoocom says:

    Oh… so what was happening to me every time I used a mask was normal… huh. Well, now there is nothing in After Effects for me to be mad at. Good.

  11. kevinlolwut says:

    Really helpful vids. Im subbing now.

  12. TheRedAzuki says:

    I am just going to guess he pressed unlock above the tab. Never used Adobe effects in my life, don’t even own it, but like learning new stuff.

  13. PowerStruggleTV says:

    learner here, at 1:30 when u open layer as well as composition, how do u keep the 2 panes open, mine only displays one of the tabs, not both together, great tutorial

  14. Rachelfull23 says:

    and how do you animated that mask?

  15. zottypotty1 says:

    So is it possible to use layer masks? (Like in Photoshop)

  16. sahlahmin says:

    for the record, those “nodes/nubs” are called anchor points, and the lines extending off of each anchor point is called a bezier curve.

  17. QuicK2800 says:

    After Effects: Return of the Sausage

  18. franklindavid says:

    Very well explained, love your video!

  19. zottypotty1 says:

    Is it possible to use a (for example) black and white layer whereby i key out the white areas. Then use this layer to mask the original footage in this way: where the black areas were it leaves the footage, where the (masked) white were it will be cut so it will be transparent and i can  look through to a third layer (bottom layer). In one word the black-white layer will define the mask shape but it can’t be seen at the render.
    Thank You

  20. MrCupron says:

    That’s exactly what he’s talking about in this video.

  21. shayek3000 says:

    could you do a tutorial on how to do things like the annoying orange.

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