3ds Max Modelling a Complete Apartment Part 1

3ds Max Modelling a Complete Apartment Part 1

LESSON FILE: http://bunnyboxx3d.weebly.com/lesson-files.html This is a step by step 3D Modelling Tutorial to show various techniques and uses of tools on how…
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19 responses to “3ds Max Modelling a Complete Apartment Part 1”

  1. Isa bel says:

    How it is done when after deleteing the polygon between 2 polygons the
    polygons on that 2 polygons in front of each other are still there?

  2. mohd faiyaz says:

    ur nose is irritating 

  3. jihad alhussainy says:

    why is ur box having those L shaped edges at first ?? 

  4. jihad alhussainy says:

    Whats the Cap that you were choosing on the border edge ??

  5. Dai the IT Guy says:

    Lots of useful insights here. Thanks.
    3dsMax – How to build a 3D Modelling Jig

  6. Master Grey says:

    i feeling sick to watch this video haha..

  7. Muhammad Imraan says:

    Hi I’d like to know what were you saying at the time of extruding the
    object? dot colon or something…

  8. wafu demet says:

    the turorial is good but your nose is somehow annoying. ^_^

  9. Phil B says:

    6 minutes in and nothing at all has actually happened. I’m jumping ship.

  10. geen pakse says:

    I want the video files is mp4.I view not in window player

  11. Dhruv DRJ says:

    thanks for the tutorial

  12. Wira Ahmad Fauzi says:

    thank u so much for this tuts. I’ve been looking for this type of tutorial
    for ages. plus when u actually found this kind of tutorial it actually cost
    a lot. u got my sub =)

  13. Shakil Khan says:

    i want to again start work in 3d max

  14. alana leal says:

    worse tutorial ever

  15. Shakil Khan says:

    i m also working in 3d max at home

  16. EarlyBIM Implementors says:

    lucky you didn’t sneeze. pity you – sharing good tutorials with runny
    nose…. hey be nice with this guy… 😉 

  17. TheMrChikher says:

    Bunnyboxx. Which one is this lesson’s file?

  18. taringaus3r says:

    Dude you have camtasia, EDIT THE VIDEO!.
    First your nose, then those parts where you get all confused. It’s common

  19. bunnyboxx says:

    @aliff shun Sorry for your trouble. All others who are following along was
    able to use the file. Do you want me to send it to your e mail address?

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