Galactic Scene – Photoshop CS5 Tutorial

Galactic Scene - Photoshop CS5 Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to learn how to create a Galactic Scene in Photoshop!! A note to ALL viewers, this tutorial was specifically made for those who are familiar with the program, and is by all means NOT meant for beginners. Like us on Facebook!! Follow us on Twitter!! Find the Devil Breeze font at: Find the smoke image at: Find the Star Brush at: Follow the original tutorial for this at:
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17 responses to “Galactic Scene – Photoshop CS5 Tutorial”

  1. DaniBear92 says:

    omg you are awsome. thank you so much dude !!!!

  2. IWASB2BD says:


  3. ChChCheckItsClan says:

    Glad to have ya! =)

  4. mmfreak101 says:

    umm Thank you so much!!!! and the other tutorials for a first year in the bachelor of photography are so difficult to understand! you made it easy and effective! you have yourself a new subscriber.

  5. h3cticsh0tz says:

    how to you copy forgot

  6. h3cticsh0tz says:

    how do you copy

  7. ChChCheckItsClan says:

    I use shortcuts because they speed things up a bit during the tutorial, and they also teach viewers which shortcuts do what action. Most people find that useful?

  8. Tevin Chan says:

    cool tutorial…learn a lot of cools stuff…Thanks

  9. Noory4media says:

    Awesome tutorial, i’ve done the same result 🙂 thanks 

  10. david martin says:

    Loved the tutorial guys, great fun to do!

  11. krzytok says:

    really hard to find that tools wich u dont even use a mouse just start it by shortcuts 🙂
    However help me a lot lern to new things in photoshop

  12. erdnaavaip says:

    I think that it give a better effect if you blur the smoke. But anyway, Great tutorial, thanks a lot.

  13. Jonathon Reed says:

    Great tutorial!! I checked out the original tutorial on this project on Spoon Graphics and he includes steps to manipulate the text a little bit more. I also found a brush set through that site that I’ve been looking for all day haha, thanks for sharing that!

  14. 56LeoMessi says:

    Hey.. I have a request… Can you please make a tutorial of your introduction? Or If you used a template, then can you please provide me with the link please? W8ng 4 da rply!

  15. smart2click says:

    I want the intro music…its so awesome…tutututu tututu…tutututu…tututu

  16. Mohamed Lamine Taleb says:

    Thankss men U realy helped Me

  17. Tristan Hallam says:

    How could you not know impact like seriousy that shits in paint even lol

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