Responsive WordPress Theme Tutorial – Part 2 – Setting up the File Structure

Responsive WordPress Theme Tutorial - Part 2 - Setting up the File Structure

In this part we setup the basic file structure WordPress requires for our themes to be recognized. Music: Licensed by: S…
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21 responses to “Responsive WordPress Theme Tutorial – Part 2 – Setting up the File Structure”

  1. Joel Mwakasege says:

    Men this one was such amazing! The voice is wow, I don’t know why, but I
    get it very clearly. 

  2. Paweł Popławski says:

    Thank You!! Your toutorial is great. It could be recorded a bit louder,
    but aside that it is awsome. Simple explained. Great job.

  3. DarknetV2 says:

    Accidentally hit Play game to start the video… man that is a mind#$%*

  4. artoxzehz says:

    Dont hesitate please keep rammbling I like it AND prefect video on to the
    next :p

  5. Tom Nagle says:

    The rambling is extremely annoying. The random English accent is okay.

  6. Going Well says:

    Great! Realy appreciate your sharing. New subscriber !!!

  7. Garrett Bodman says:

    Thanks a million for making these VERY helpful videos!! 

  8. Ronnie Javien Jr. says:

    Rambling is fine keep doing it since you already taught us perfectly.

  9. Michael U. says:

    Thanks You!

  10. ShootItMagazine says:

    I totally subbed and you are doing great. Definitely checking out the rest
    of the tutorials.

  11. Marcel Berkien says:

    Keep rambling, I really enjoy the humour and little jokes besides the
    perfect information!

  12. VDrummerSA says:

    Dude, I like your talking a lot!! It’s real, and at times i find myself
    chuckling. Don’t know why…. Your last video, there was a train!!! LOL 

  13. Вячеслав Шолохов says:

    League of Legends! Way to go, man!

  14. Ewan Tinitali says:

    Like the chatter. Keeps the videos from being boring. You’re awesome.

  15. Woody Simmons says:

    Rambling about rambling, LOL! I like that you get just a little personal in
    your tuts. Ramble on! :)

  16. ali mohmmed says:

    you are create man i love all your tutorial , work , and every thing yo did
    , good job man

  17. Benedikt Mursch-Edlmayr says:

    awesome tutorials mate, really helpful! thumbs up (Y) … aaaaaand one more
    subscription ;)

  18. Zack Y says:

    Sometimes you sound like Weatley from Portal 2.

  19. Malik Dixon says:

    You know this is your video so it is your choice to talk about it or not.
    As long as you get what you are try to teach done. 

  20. MattLillz says:

    Paul Kinsey!

  21. abu ayesha says:

    amazing work…many many thanks.

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