Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Doll Transformation [ Speed Art ]

Adobe Photoshop CS6 - Doll Transformation [ Speed Art ]

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14 responses to “Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Doll Transformation [ Speed Art ]”

  1. Zoheb Sayed says:

    OMG.. for god’s sake.. could you please upload something which is a bit slower.. and easy to follow… or just upload the video elsewhere.. and i’ll download it and watch it in slow motion…

  2. Keila Martinez says:


  3. NewWorldOps says:

    I put a link the in description. I edited it a bit before making the video. Hope this helped. 

  4. Števe Ţhe Ðon says:

    where can i get that png file ( the thing cracking on her face ) ??

  5. DarkoEclipse says:

    beautiful transformation. make a tutorial someday please.

  6. cbtj32 says:

    i prefer the 1st pic she looks hot

  7. jprcjfu1 says:

    DOn’t take IT wrongly but i appreciate your art work,but i wish i could follow YOur movement……. [:)

  8. NewWorldOps says:

    I agree. I made this video as a transformation/speedart. I’m starting to
    upload tutorials on how to create images like this.

    Thanks man.

  9. jprcjfu1 says:

    I like UR vid,BUT i don’t understand anythinggg because it is too fastttttttt,MAy be u should better do it slowLyyy dude

  10. victor nunes says:

    que moda de so pq o video e ingles voce postam o comentario em ingles kkkkk GOOGLE TRADUTOR

  11. megan gallagher says:

    wow you’re great =)

  12. Justafrienddotcom says:

    how did you select the eyes like that at 2:03

  13. tas - tas says:


  14. NewWorldOps says:

    thank you 🙂

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