WordPress Tutorial – How to Upload & Link to a PDF, Microsoft Word doc, or other doc

WordPress Tutorial - How to Upload & Link to a PDF, Microsoft Word doc, or other doc

This beginner-level WordPress tutorial is an update of the existing tutorial on mcbuzz.wordpress.com and YouTube called “WordPress Tutorial – How to Upload and Link to a PDF, Microsoft Word Document, Excel, PowerPoint or Other Doc Using WordPress”. That tutorial was done using an earlier version of WordPress. This tutorial uses WordPress 2.7. This tutorial shows three things 1) How to upload a PDF, Microsoft Word doc, PowerPoint, Excel or other Office-type document using WordPress 2.7. 2) How to insert a link to that document into a WordPress post or page. (Visitors to your site can click on the link to download or view the document.), and 3) that there are two things called “Media Library” in the WordPress 2.7 Dashboard, one of which has more information about the files in the Library than the other does. It’s helpful to see how you get to each of these Media Libraries because you can find the URL link for a file in only one of them, which can be confusing!
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20 responses to “WordPress Tutorial – How to Upload & Link to a PDF, Microsoft Word doc, or other doc”

  1. ChrisWriteNow says:

    AWESOME job on this vid, keep it up!

  2. afxonline says:

    Great video, thanks very much for taking the time to create & share.

  3. JamesMaack says:

    I wanted to convert excel tables in PDF directly to a word press format. Is this something that is possible? I have heard of a product from cogniview which can do this, but am not really sure. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  4. JudithKalinin says:

    You’re awesome! Thank you for a wonderfully descriptive tutorial! Your info made my life much easier today…

  5. cathyhun1 says:

    thank you it was helpful! It works correctly 🙂

  6. loveia01 says:

    This was very helpful! It saved my life! 😉

  7. mcbuzzvideo says:

    If you have access to Adobe Acrobat Professional, you can use it to “optimize” the PDF, which means it will compress images and other info in the PDF to reduce the file size. Free OpenOffice software might also do this. Depending on who you want to share the PDF with, Google Docs might be a good solution. The other way to go would be to use inexpensive self-hosting like Bluehost or Hostgator and upload the PDF using FTP. These hosts will be able to tell you more about that.

  8. KathyHelenPike says:

    Hi, Love the information. However I am having trouble because the PDF I want to upload to WordPress is larger than 2M. How can I solve this problem besides altering the PDF?

  9. gabbydeb says:

    The tutorial is great!, however the volume could be higher for we hard of hearing folks.

  10. arcyruel2010 says:

    thanks for the post

  11. JosephJGomez says:

    really cool that you took the time to share this info. God bless!

  12. PDFtoWord says:

    thanks Mark

  13. sumawiganda says:

    excel file couldn’t be uploaded. 

  14. MoMagicSouthAfrica says:

    Thank You. A very helpful video 🙂

  15. Julia Hidy says:

    Appreiate your insights. I have PowerPoint and .pdf’s along with audios and videos to upload. And I was happy for a refesher of how to do that. Cheers!.

  16. gregorygroupnet says:

    I watched and enjoyed the video

  17. mcbuzzvideo says:

    Your question is answered in the video above. Unless you are not using WordPress, you should be good to go. Let me know if not.

  18. SSL422 says:

    Just what I needed, thanks!

  19. Wendy Merron says:

    Mark, thank you very much. Very clear instructions. Worked like a charm.

  20. mzjme206 says:

    Thanks for such a detailed video…Just what I was looking for…

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