#21 After Effects – Fireworks With Particular Tutorial

#21 After Effects - Fireworks With Particular Tutorial

In this video I will be showing you how to create fireworks with adobe after effects using the plug-in Trapcode Particular, link here: http://www.redgiantsof…
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13 responses to “#21 After Effects – Fireworks With Particular Tutorial”

  1. makhi dutta says:

    i hv a prob it’s where to save ther is no user preset folder

  2. jory habab says:

    and great

  3. jory habab says:



    Just Great….!!!Thanks a million!!!!!

  5. sweirytv says:

    Your accent is fine. Good tutorial.

  6. Azanessu says:

    You have earned a Sub for these cool tutorials! Keep the good work up!

  7. Pimp Your Films says:

    nice tuts

  8. edrianjude says:

    Awesome tutorial thanks.

  9. Moderncodmw4 says:


  10. NormalGet Kittamet says:


  11. shaza alhallak says:

    nice thanks 🙂

  12. Justanaveragetree says:

    Is his voiced delayed with the videos pacing for anyone else? Besides that,
    awesome tutorial. Even though you talk a bit fast, I still learned a lot 🙂

  13. RiNicTV says:


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