After Effects Tutorial – 15 – Tools for Editing Clips

After Effects Tutorial - 15 - Tools for Editing Clips

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12 responses to “After Effects Tutorial – 15 – Tools for Editing Clips”

  1. jakexy14 says:

    almost any video format, you can also export to many many different formats.

  2. jakexy14 says:

    yep or you can mask a small section. in his analogy terms it would be to put a hole in the blanket

  3. uncosamethecracker says:

     what video format does after effects support?

  4. xFrozzTxx says:

    how do u get the foto upp next to the composition folder without having it “in the video” at 4:00, u can see that.

  5. JhamilleTJ says:

    ahhh so you can overlay and drop opacity and get a shadow effect of 2 vidz 😀

  6. DentedHelmet762 says:

    “Takes justice.” Half the things you say aren’t proper English, brother! But I have to say… I absolutely love it.

  7. maskuriad says:

    Takes justice on any clip…..really? lol

  8. iAmLocoIsaac says:

    After Effects Cs4 Doesnt Have The Ripple Tool ?

  9. DigitalJAB says:

    Subscribe to our videos, more to come!!

  10. Lorkin32 says:

    i think this is the first guy who got 100k+ views for reading a ticket…

  11. superkevinbros says:

    Hey man! I have a question u know how at the bottom urs displays in seconds mine displays like in fps I think how do I change it to seconds?

  12. kiekelly says:

    Bucky you Rock

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