How to use macros in Excel | tutorial

How to use macros in Excel | tutorial

This Excel tutorial explores macros and shows how to use them to automate a frequently used command sequence. Watch more at…
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5 responses to “How to use macros in Excel | tutorial”

  1. Timothy Accardi says:

    way way way too much talking and you didn’t even show us how to make a macro. useless video.

  2. Arash Aria says:

    Thanks for sharing with everyone how to create a macro!!!!!! Maybe you need considering to change the video’s title to “Why using macros in Excel”.

  3. RabG113 says:

    Chan Moss has got a decent salary.

  4. Broski7203 says:

    Has anyone ever told you that you sound like William Shatner?

  5. Wole Babalola says:

    The tutor kept on talking about when to use a macro without talking about how to create it, this does not make any sense. It is a complete waste of time.

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