C# Tutorial: Create a Simple Splash Screen [with ProgressBar]

C# Tutorial: Create a Simple Splash Screen [with ProgressBar]

VC# Express 2010 www.microsoft.com ————————————————————————– *** C# Tutorials *** tutplusplus.blogspot.com ————————————————————————– Recorded with Camtasia Studio 7 ————————————————————————– Here are the codes + additional notes + solution: tutplusplus.blogspot.com ————————————————————————– In this tutorial you will learn about: * Thread class; * ProgressBar Class; * Creating a splash screen; * Multithreading. Keywords: System.Threading. ————————————————————————– Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more tutorials!
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15 responses to “C# Tutorial: Create a Simple Splash Screen [with ProgressBar]”

  1. Merkafide says:

    I got this first try, and I swear I was screaming “OHHHH” and waving my arms. I can’t wait until I get the actual program working.

  2. Xbox720Hacker says:

    This really helped, I wish you had a mic though…

  3. pierogoku says:

    Thanks man..

  4. ProXcMOS says:

    Thanks Mate .. really helped…

  5. madehistory001 says:

    great tut. thanks

  6. acid9757 says:

    then wat does button1 do ?
    watever the case might be writing splashscreen.hide(); in both buttons should solve your problem
    wait u have changed the (Name) property of the splashscreen form to “splashscreen” rite? otherwise none of this would work

  7. GeoAl09 says:

    no i have a splashscreen then form 1 loads up and shows. i have the two buttons on form 1 not on a splashscreen. i click on button 2 to get to form 2. now the code i use to get to form 2 from the button is.. this.Hide(); (new Form2()).Show();

    my splashscreen is its own form. so i have a total of three forms.

  8. acid9757 says:

    no it doesn’t matter
    i guess i didn’t understood your design properly
    u have a main splashscreen which has 2 buttons
    when u click button1 it loads form1 n
    when u click button2 it loads form2 rite?
    if this is how it is then
    double click button1 n write
    n double click button 2 n write
    its simple as that 😉

  9. GeoAl09 says:

    doesnt work :/ does it matter if im using Visual Studio 2010?

  10. acid9757 says:

    —–> splashscreen.hide();
    in both the buttons

  11. GeoAl09 says:

    which code?

  12. acid9757 says:

    you can write the code to hide the splash screen form in both the buttons so no matter which button you click the splash screen will only show once when started from scratch

  13. GeoAl09 says:

    works great but heres my problem.

    i have a application that has two buttons that switches between two forms. so the splashscreen loads up fine and then my form 1 pops up normally as it should. i click the button to open form 2/hide form 1 and that works fine obviously. BUT when i click on the button that will take me back to form 1, the splashscreen show up again. how do i prevent this from happening? i only want the splash screen to load up if you open the program from scratch again.

  14. bradbrock1 says:

    @MrSONICLUVER Skid. Gtfo.

  15. MrSONICLUVER says:

    Put some code in desc so we can copy and paste into it :)

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