HTML Tutorial: Email Marketing Campaign

HTML Tutorial: Email Marketing Campaign

Create an HTML/CSS email campaign using absolute positioning, multiple CSS3 backgrounds, gradients, shadows and borders to give the right effect. http://3rde…

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14 responses to “HTML Tutorial: Email Marketing Campaign”

  1. Steve Miles says:

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  2. Brian Uribe says:


  3. blunixxx says:

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  4. Elias Sarantopoulos says:

    Together with Tables and Inline Elements your newsletter should work but you need to do a lot of testing. If I were you I would use an online service because some companies have done a great job with it, personally I do.

  5. cmjllccmjllc says:

    I don’t “want” to use them but I have read that some email clients do not work or work well with style sheets …. So my question is will each of the things that you showed us in the video also work if written as “inline styles”?

  6. cmjllccmjllc says:

    I dont want to use them either except for the fact that email clients don’t recognize style sheets (so I have read) …. so my question was can I use everything you showed as inline?

  7. Elias Sarantopoulos says:

    Avoid Inline Styles unless you just want to use one for a specific element. The reason we use CSS is to have one file controlling pretty much everything.

  8. cmjllccmjllc says:

    Can all of the CSS that you showed us in this video also be written as “Inline Styles” within the HTML Tags or Span Tags within the body of the document? Or, are there some that you showed us in this video that cannot work that way? Thanks again for your video.

  9. Elias Sarantopoulos says:

    Tables are still been used with the combination of some CSS. This tutorial mostly targets ways of using CSS positioning and other CSS techniques to create a marketing campaign which can be used in some many different ways and places. Hope that helps.

  10. cmjllccmjllc says:

    I am a beginner and I am scared to use this much CSS in email advertising because I keep reading that this much CSS will not be respected in various email clients ….. on the other hand I have read that if you just use an image … you will likely be blacklisted ….. Please comment ,,, I am confused on all of this. It is my hope I can use this great tutorial. TY.

  11. Mirzet Kadic says:

    Very instructive tutorial. Thank you for your suggestion. Questions will come up as soon as I continue to work on my project. 🙂

  12. kjemradio says:

    I had to do some personal tweaking to the coupon sizes. For some reason on my browser (Firefox), the gaps between 2nd and 3rd coupons were not exactly right. 190px, and 350px respectively did correct this. I also had an issue with the top padding on the coupons (the distance from the h4 text needed to be increased to 113px). Tweaking is just part of the life that we designers have to do. 🙂

  13. Elias Sarantopoulos says:

    And thank you for watching Mr. Wileman, much appreciated!

  14. Bill Wileman says:

    Thank you very much.Some of the very best and clear tutorials on the web.

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