[HD] Soft Focus Wedding Photo Effect: Photoshop Tutorial!

[HD] Soft Focus Wedding Photo Effect: Photoshop Tutorial!

Here is a great little effect that adds a whole lot of “mood” to an image by softening and increasing contrast and also features a vignette around the focal point of your choosing. The beauty of this technique is that by using adjustment layers we have full control over the final effect’s strength and color. This one is a great tip for Photographers of any type. If you enjoy the video please rate, comment, and subscribe! Check out www.tutvid.com for more great video tutorials! Check out the blog @ http Check this video out in Hi-Res here: www.tutvid.com
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19 responses to “[HD] Soft Focus Wedding Photo Effect: Photoshop Tutorial!”

  1. Debedeb says:

    idk about that orange but thanks for sharing.

  2. FKLQ99 says:

    Very Good one !

  3. TheSaka24 says:

    is it me or is this video laggy ?

  4. rasanrocks says:

    thx buddy……..

  5. hej1345 says:

    you tube.com/watch?v=BHHqmuFqM8Q

    If you want Photoshop cs5 for free!

    It works!!!!

  6. phonesplanet says:


  7. VTC1000HP says:

    its ctrl + shift + i

  8. NewAgeDirector says:

    Great video keep up the good work.

  9. TheBoaConstrictor95 says:

    I feel like that was waaay overdone. I think you got a little carried away with the colors.

  10. ikickass802 says:

    nice one dude

  11. picnea says:

    Very nice…

  12. Anthony Vincent Real says:

    ctrl shift I

  13. divasudtelgte says:

    This video was really helpful. I’m doing a friend’s senior pics to save her money, and I wanted to make them really special for her. This is an effect no one else will likely have in their pictures. 🙂 Thank you for making it so effortless.

  14. tolly1222 says:

    it leaves a white circle around the face how do i remove it?

  15. Luckoorkwt says:

    ctrl shift I … 🙂 

  16. mommygirl009 says:

    are you saying cmd ctrl J to put on own layer? not wrking…any other way?

  17. Aeryn23 says:

    really great tutorial

  18. Naturally00Me says:

    Great video!

  19. vidocci24 says:

    the tutorial works fine for me. And yes I hit on pause whenever I needed it. Thanks for the tutorial btw! Can’t wait to help editing my cousin’s wedding photos (voluntary of course)

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