iMovie Tutorial 1: The Very Basics

iMovie Tutorial 1: The Very Basics

Hello everyone! This video is going to be about doing the most basic things possible, like importing, exporting, recording from webcam, making events, and ma…
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8 responses to “iMovie Tutorial 1: The Very Basics”

  1. Peter Lowe says:

    Thanks matey. Very helpful.

  2. Maureen Nalunga says:

    Thanks, I have been looking for something simple and clear for my beginners
    class and this is perfect. 

  3. AsgarthaWitch says:

    At around 7.30 terrible scream, be warned

  4. HrobbTutorials says:

    I’m not insulting a random viewer, it’s my friend, in real life

  5. Joe Fineberg says:

    Thanks man! I’m ready for the next tutorial.

  6. Thornhillnana says:

    Good info, but for goodness sake, stop insulting your viewers.

  7. Freyja Ævarsdottir says:

    The video gave good tips to learn how to work Imovie, but its kinda a messy
    video.i dosnt hurt to record some stuff twice. Like the tangling of the
    USB. It makes the video kinda long and boring, sorry :/

  8. PokeMaster22222 says:

    Possible inclusion on the ‘reupload’ list, maybe? Or just a big ‘Warning’
    caption on screen? Either way, you need to do something about that.

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