Trick Photography: Fireworks Photography

Trick Photography: Fireworks Photography

Photographing fireworks with no camera shake and proper exposure is difficult, unless you know these simple tricks. Equipment used in this video: Nikon D7000…
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10 responses to “Trick Photography: Fireworks Photography”

  1. thephotovideoshow says:

    It’s called a snake.

  2. Hanno Heekeren says:

    I am from germany and i would like to know what this crazy thing on begining was

  3. thephotovideoshow says:

    I’d LOVE to know the answer to that question. If you figure it out, you let me know, k? ;0)

  4. thephotovideoshow says:

    You’re welcome! 🙂

  5. Sherry Kingskid says:

    Thanks :-)

  6. thephotovideoshow says:

    Awesome! Glad it helped :)

  7. thephotovideoshow says:

    Thanks for watching!

  8. thephotovideoshow says:

    Haha! Thanks!

  9. thephotovideoshow says:

    Yeah, it’s one of the downfalls of being a one man show. So I’m always glad when Christine is around to help 🙂

  10. mortesss says:

    Great chanel! Man show us your lighting setup;)

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