3D Minecraft Tutorial – Minecraft Fire Part 2 of 3

3D Minecraft Tutorial - Minecraft Fire Part 2 of 3

In part 2 of minecraft fire we will be creating the smoke using particle flow. —————————————————————- PF Sourse 001 Quantity Multiplier Viewport: 100% Birth 001 Emit Stop: 100 Amount: 18 Speed 001 Speed: 50 Shape Instance 001 Particle Geometry Object: Smoke Separate Particles for: Tick “Group Members” Scale %: 71 Variation %: 16 Tick “Multi-Shape Random Order Matierial Dynamic 001 Drag the smoke matieiral into None Tick “Show In Viewport” Sub-Matierial Rotoscoping Choose “Random” # Sub-Matierials: 3 Rate Per Sec: 0 Rotation 001 Choose “Speed Space Follow” Delete 001 Choose “By Particle Age” Life Span: 9 Variation: 94 Display 001 Type: Geometry —————————————————————- Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com My Other Channel: www.youtube.com —————————— If any of these tutorials helped you out and you create any awesome minecraft videos, please mention my channel I would be eternally grateful 🙂 —————————– Previous Tutorial [Head Accessory & Importing the Rig]: youtu.be
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7 responses to “3D Minecraft Tutorial – Minecraft Fire Part 2 of 3”

  1. The3DSMAXChannel says:

    I have already done swaying grass. “3DS MAX Minecraft Tutorial: Grass Swaying”

  2. Shadowhawk055 says:

    Do swaying grass next plz

  3. The3DSMAXChannel says:

    It’s out now :D

  4. MrPotatoMadness says:

    When’s part 3 coming???

  5. alphawolfNW says:

    You should do a tutorial on how to make glasses, or semi-transparent planes.

  6. alphawolfNW says:

    Even though these tutorials don’t get as many views, the little tricks like these are EXTREMELY helpful for the serious animators.

  7. Vitor Hugo says:

    And do a water please.. the same to the minecraft

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