C# Tutorial 37 – Animation

C# Tutorial 37 - Animation

Flickery Red Squares. Sounds Tasty.
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7 responses to “C# Tutorial 37 – Animation”

  1. Diego Slinger says:

    great job! thx. wery usefull;

  2. BanishAftershock says:

    Click on Form1 and go to its properties –> KeyPreview = true –> Go to the thing where you get the paint thing –> Then double click KeyDown –> Then type in the KeyEvent Arguments in the parenthasis ({ and }) if (e.KeyCode.ToString() == “D”)
    MessageBox.Show(“D is pressed”);
    And to do things like SHIFT do:
    if (e.Shift)

    MessageBox.Show(“Shift is pressed”);

  3. csharpdemos says:

    Yes, something weird happened when recording, I continue in the next video.

  4. Nardiumms says:

    animation.Abort(); ?? OH by the way great videos! Very helpfull thanks

  5. csharpdemos says:

    I think we could work better pming…. I’ll send you a message.

  6. Soft725 says:

    as it was my first lesson about graphics that’s y i cant understand first what were you really saying and how the code is working .. now i knw a little about graphics thanks to you and your teaching skills are good .. and i need your help i want to run a statement which run inside your StartAnimation ()

    if(right arrow key is press)
    MessageBox.Show(“Right arrow key is pressed”);


  7. csharpdemos says:

    Do you mean the while loop in general is hard to understand? If so, then I’d really suggest going back and watching all the videos in order. Otherwise, I thought I explained well enough, but will try to explain more in the future.

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