XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 28 – Style More Than One Elements & Span!

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 28 - Style More Than One Elements & Span!

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17 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 28 – Style More Than One Elements & Span!”

  1. William Slatton says:

    What is this? Number 28? I don’t even know anymore… all I know is I.. must… stay… awake… *falls asleep*

  2. JJTSNDSR says:

    perfect spelling mistake Bucky

  3. Emile Shuga says:

    Actually, you can randomly put element names, like

    Emile lalala Emile
    and that ‘lalala’ would be in bold
    (sorry for not putting greater than and less than, youtube won’t allow it)

  4. Kyupa Suria says:

    for carrots type like the normal tags(can’t use tags here): (span class=”carrots”) “i love carrots” (span)
    for apple pie: (span class=”apple”) “apple pie” (apple)
    you write the CSS code into the 2 classes.

    These 2 classes are inside the style tags, where Bucky placed them (at the beginning).
    .carrots {CSS code here;}
    .apple {other CSS code here;}

  5. Kyupa Suria says:

    No, but you write class for them: span class=”x”, other span class=”y”,…

  6. NeverGoFullRetard69 says:

    i think NP++ recognizez both

  7. XxxChrisTheBestxxX says:

    Its the same,if ID is used,then the had to use.

    #(The name of the ID){

    Whatever you want to modify


    if class is used:

    .(The name of the ID){

    Whatever you want to modify


    Basically,in ID – after the “#” symbol,you put the name of the ID,and if class is used,the after the “.” symbol,the name of the class is written.

    In conclusion,its the same (but several clases can have the same name,but ID must have an unique value.)

  8. Lefortunez says:

    Rather using .class

  9. siter knowers says:

    did anyone notice it was precisely the half of the tutorial when he said “this was it for the first half of the tutorial.” @ 3:09 lol

  10. XxxChrisTheBestxxX says:

    Using the ID attribute of HTML..

  11. vabadusjagada says:

    Ok, seems like span1, span2 work too. Didn’t know that, but someone pointed that out in the comments.

  12. vabadusjagada says:

    You can, but I think Bucky will explain it later. It has to do with IDs.
    |span id=”span_name”| – smaller than, greater than signs.
    And in CSS:
    #span_name| – The usual curlies go here { }.
    parameters here

  13. Connorthegreat1875 says:

    did it start out fuzzy for anyone else

  14. IsaacLightning says:

    can you do like span1, span2, etc

  15. David K says:

    hahaa, loved your comment.. )))

  16. Eifel Mods says:

    Im german… so we spell color “Farbe”… now tell me again…

  17. DKingMusicTV says:

    It actually does work LOL. I thought this was a troll comment at first.

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