How to Design logo in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

How to Design logo in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

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8 responses to “How to Design logo in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial”

  1. SamwellGames says:

    I would suggest closing all the programs you have open because its very slow

  2. furqan momin says:

    good work

  3. tintala says:

    why no narration , this distracts from the attention.. 

  4. Abdul Jilal says:

    Hi there. Very good tutorial but I am stuck on 2:24, when you do the Minus Front, I get different result. It cuts out the shape and I can’t fill it in. It fills in the right side and not the shape that you brought to the front.

    I am pressing ALT.

    I am also shift-selecting and new to illustrator. You help is appreciated.

  5. balneet26 says:

    great video =D

  6. ucprogrammers guild says:

    maybe he/she is an Arabian, that is why they read it from right going to left…

  7. domag0j87 says:

    I just started with Illustrator (but I own photoshop :D) and this is very simple the way you show us. People can learn Illustrator really quick. Thanks.

  8. Pyro Fury says:

    you should’ve been talking in this vid.

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