iMovie for iOS 7

iMovie for iOS 7

In accordance with the new design philosophy of iOS 7, Apple updated apps for iWork and iLife, including brand new icons, templates, and new features. For th…
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9 responses to “iMovie for iOS 7”

  1. My Apple Podcast says:

    Thanks for the compliments

  2. Rome Wilkerson-Photography says:

    Very good demo and review of the new I movie for ios thank you 

  3. COCO Thomas says:


  4. miko peral says:

    Ah i see, thanks! 

  5. Lyla Pitajen says:

    Awesome video! Helped me a lot :)

  6. wysbro1984 says:

    I just got the iTunes cash to buy it, but now I can’t because I don’t have
    ios 7!!!! FIX IT APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. TheMCMinecraftSWE says:

    Can i add youtube clips too my movie?

  8. Jamie Gordon says:

    Thank you for a nice, clear demonstration/tutorial of this terrific app. 

  9. Dell McLain says:


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