iMovie Tutorial for iPad 2: IN DEPTH LOOK

iMovie Tutorial for iPad 2: IN DEPTH LOOK

This is a very thorough look at iMovie. I show you how to pretty much do everything with iMovie for iPad. It’s an awesome tool for home footage. Watch my life: Comedy Channel: Tech News & Tips: Twitter: Apple, ipad and iMovie are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Apple.

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23 responses to “iMovie Tutorial for iPad 2: IN DEPTH LOOK”

  1. cjbaedke says:

    Great job! Thanks for sharing!

  2. TechnoNinja37 says:

    I have a question: Lets say i wanted to like pause the video and while its paused do voice over, then make it resume. is that possible?

  3. everyoneisbeautiful0 says:

    How can I just get music to play just for one clip ?

  4. Javier Josefides says:

    Great video man! Keep going that way!

  5. Tray Henson says:

    can u plz help me i want to know if u can put pics in videos plz help on ipod/iphone

  6. emmalaurenbeauty says:

    How do you fast forward on iPad iMovie?

  7. Javier Alejandro says:

    You’re a good person

  8. Gonzalo Emanuel Molina says:

    OMG I fell in love with the baby, hehehe

  9. xkeekyx says:

    Tremendously helpful! Thank you!!

  10. samirocks630 says:

    Can you do all of this stuff for an IPod 4G

  11. Glemons98 says:

    Why can’t I splice on my new iPad (3rd.gen)?

  12. djaka401 says:

    does the size of the video effect the editing process? does it lag and do you have to wait to render?

  13. dogdutyascetic says:

    Nice tut! Cute baby too. Thanx for sharing.

  14. Princessafia2 says:

    Hey Omar i love ur channel. this tutorial really helped me for my videos. i have a question for you though: the question is how do i create a slide title on my Iphone? i was told to purchase the keynote, but nowhere on the help tool on keynote that suggest that you can use the title page on the imovie. if you can do a tutorial on that would be greatly appreciated. or if you can inbox me the details i would be grateful as well….i have now subscribe to your channel xx

  15. bigmackemail says:

    lol at best portable movie software ever. you’ve been missing out on technology for the past 10 years.

    sure its nice to be able to edit some small clips for a small project, but you could have left that last statement out.

  16. TechGamerLive607 says:

    Lol. Never mind.

  17. TechGamerLive607 says:

    How do I trim the theme?

  18. babbyycakess98 says:

    Can you fastforword..?

  19. mekhistar123 says:

    That baby is so cute

  20. Sam Swags says:

    How do you fast-forward and do slow-motion?

  21. maoz115 says:

    thank you so much u helped me fix my issue!!

  22. caitlynw24 says:

    watch my imovie trailer, leave a comment and tell me if the outline was any good. (i already know the content was cheesy and dumb lol)

  23. Ipadapps780 says:

    Nice vid thx

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