How to Build a Complete Website from Start to Finish | WordPress 2014 Tutorial.

How to Build a Complete Website from Start to Finish | WordPress 2014 Tutorial. – helping you build websites that make money. This 2014 WordPress tutorial shows you how I built the landing page of http://www.Neil…
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9 responses to “How to Build a Complete Website from Start to Finish | WordPress 2014 Tutorial.”

  1. TheDancingDitsoon says:

    Please help!! I can login to my wordpress dashboard but very little is
    displayed. There is a menu on the side but none of the widgets or anything
    else is displayed. I have tried this on Internet Explorer and Chrome – both
    the same. I have cleared the browser cache and cleared cookies and made
    sure that third party sites can use them. What do I do? Please help!!!!!

  2. Santosh Prasad says:

    Hi When I build a wordpress Website in my local Host all is well, but when
    i click on Aboutus link its not going to another page simply it’s showing,

    Some Thing Like This I could not understand why it’s showing Not Found

    Please Help Me Here I am Trying this 4m so many day’s….

    Not Found

    The requested URL /wordpress_practise/about-us/ was not found on this

    Apache/2.4.9 (Win64) PHP/5.5.12 Server at localhost Port 80

    Thanks & Regards

  3. Methew Costner says:

    Impressive effort of yours. I think making themes with TemplateToaster
    theme builder, and using WordPress is the best way as I have followed.

  4. Philippine Outsourcer says:

    Great help! Thanks Neil. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while
    and your video makes it so much easier.

  5. Celeste Booysen says:

    I’m very much a beginner in this web design thing and I’m struggling with
    the WordPress functions. Your video (and all the others i’ve seen) shows a
    list of options when entering the themes menu, but when I click “Add Theme”
    nothing happens on the page, only a # appears after the php in the
    URL…and it doesn’t give me all those options… Did I do something wrong?
    Plz help :)

  6. Celeste Booysen says:

    Yes, but the only thing that is on that page is the Add themes “Upload
    theme” option at the top and these options: “Featured; Popular; Latest;
    Feature Filter” above a wide open space… nothing happens when I click on
    any of these…

  7. SavageArfad says:

    Genuis, just happens to be using wordpress.

  8. Glen Smith says:

    Thanks Neil, some good info here, always enjoy creative ways to use the
    power of the Genesis Framework. Hope to see more.

  9. chris19740423 says:

    Not useful at all unless your already a web developer and it all makes
    sense but if your a beginner forget it way to complicated! I took web
    development about 5 years ago and this confuses me! So if your a beginner
    forget it to complicated! If he made a simple website that would be much
    more help this is no good! 

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