Non-Destructive Burn/Dodge in Photoshop

Non-Destructive Burn/Dodge in Photoshop

For those who deal a lot with model retouching, burning and dodging non-destructively is a must! Take a look how it’s done. More from IceflowStudios: | http | | Image provided by
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18 responses to “Non-Destructive Burn/Dodge in Photoshop”

  1. bobontheinternet says:

    I’ve always found this method easier to work with and feel it tends to produce better results. However you should be aware that the results aren’t the same as working on a copied layer, especially when you change the setting from midtones to either shadows or highlights.

  2. ZydecoRabbit says:

    Very professional video, Howard! I use a similar technique. I hold down the Alt key and click the new layer icon. That opens a dialog in which I change the mode to Overlay and check the 50% gray fill box. Next, I tap “B” and “D” to select the Brush and the default Black/White colors. Using the Brush lets me switch between dodging & burning by simply tapping “X”. I use this so often that I have recorded those steps into an Action with F2 as the hotkey. I open a file, tap F2, and go to work.

  3. AXNJXN1 says:

    Howard, thank you for this vid. Quick question though: ‘why’ the grey color. I’ve seen you and a few others utilize grey but I can’t recall a single ‘explanation’ or defining need as to why you use the grey vs white or black or orange or another color… I’m positive there’s a means to reason, I just don’t understand the relevance. Can you help me here please?

  4. IceflowStudios says:


  5. IImoonifyII says:

    Thank you!

  6. invalidacess says:

    ctrl + Alt + z to go beyond the last undo….or command + control + z on a mac.

  7. IImoonifyII says:

    This is slightly off-subject, but what’s the shortcut you use to undo? I’ve always noticed that you can undo what you’ve done say, from step 3 to 2 to 1… I know I can use ctrl + Z but for me that only takes me from step 3 to 2 and back to 3 again…
    Great tutorial btw!

  8. villainmack says:

    I thought that zooming, panning with other hand could be useful.

  9. Incomsys says:

    How can you not like this?

  10. earthquakepills says:

    Great. Thanks.

  11. 2009Chancee says:


  12. purplegoat2500 says:

    great video, thanks!

  13. IceflowStudios says:

    I’ve answered this question a few times: This method allows you to hide everything BUT the burning/dodging, which will be helpful if there are other layers above or below. Plus, you can easily decrease the Opacity to reduce the strength.

  14. MarcusWindrune says:

    I’ve been painting with brown and bright yellow with overlay to achieve this, this is definitely much easier

  15. DontTouchMyVicodin says:

    You need to subscribe to TED Talks or scishow, then.

  16. TheBlueSuperDude says:

    To be honest the only reason i watch these videos is because this guy is awesome and the things he does are interesting, i don’t actually use photoshop xD

  17. PoesKlap133 says:

    I got the touch, its not that responsive so i dont use that function at all

  18. PoesKlap133 says:

    Wacom bamboo is perfect, love mine to bits! Best money ive ever spent and it has improved my images by leaps and bounds

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