Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Professional Logo Design

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Professional Logo Design

VISIT US NOW – Graphic Designer Tips will teach you what goes into the design of a professional logo. We will teach you the elements that make up this design.
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15 responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Professional Logo Design”

  1. GraphicDesignerTips says:

    I wish they were that easy. I probably went through over fifty similar ideas to get to this. It’s a process for sure. Happy you liked the video. Please share it out and subscribe to our channel!

  2. Sam Keith says:

    This makes designing logos look much easier

  3. MrJailbrk says:

    Thanks for your videos i love your videos very down to earth and real! And as a starting out designer the concepts you talk about in your videos really help me =]

  4. GraphicDesignerTips says:

    Great to hear….it’s more than just using the tools of the program! Thanks for tuning in…Subscribe!

  5. iParadiizee says:

    I learned more then Graphic Design here today.

  6. GraphicDesignerTips says:

    You’re welcome!! Subscribe!!

  7. alansm136 says:

    Useful information and interaction. Thank you.

  8. GraphicDesignerTips says:

    Thank you for your response and I’m sooooo happy it has helped you. I will repeat it 1000 times….Graphic design is mroe than just clicking and moving on a computer…’s how you look at everything!! You’ll be super excited to know that I am about to land a series of about 26 videos all on logo design! Take care!!

  9. xSakuranokaorix says:

    A BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION!! This video gets you thinking on the world of graphic design. Oh, and by the way to all those people insulting this video, it may not have helped you since it seems you all are “know it alls”, but it helped me..and that my friends makes this video Like Worthy, have a nice day!

  10. GraphicDesignerTips says:

    …..and you just earned a huge THANK YOU!!…..Hope the thought process helped!!

  11. GraphicDesignerTips says:

    This was not meant to mislead….The good news is that I’m creating about 20+ actual tuts on just logos, so subscribe to us to get them when they come out….Thanks!

  12. Strikezzify says:

    You just earned a sub! 🙂

  13. TheBiggervern says:

    Thanks. Interesting to hear the thought process behind the design rather than just a straight illustrator tutorial.

  14. Shaker Hassan says:

    One word: Tedious, and not a tutorial

  15. Jasminelh03 says:

    Also, I guess I have a pet peeve with mis-handled type because I also noticed how you didn’t kern the “i” & “g” in the word “design” to connect the two letters. Afterall, you are using a sort of script-y, cursive, handwritten font. So that should be cleaned up a bit. Good designers (especially those dealing with type often) always pay close attention to typography. So make sure you keep an eye out for things like that in the future.
    Very clever design overall. Nice work.

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