Trapcode Form Fireball – After Effects Tutorial

Trapcode Form Fireball - After Effects Tutorial

Download project files – In this After Effects tutorial we take a look at how to c…
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19 responses to “Trapcode Form Fireball – After Effects Tutorial”

  1. IndependentVFX says:


  2. michael greathouse says:

    Your vdieo is too low res and and keeps going in and out of focus.

  3. Laura Garinger says:

    the sphere layers option is greyed out for me..

  4. Shawn Anderson says:

    One of the best trapcode tutorials I’ve watched. Excellent job!

  5. pirs101 says:

    Good job!! nice tuto!! but i have a question….can trapcode form make
    particles bounce on a surface (solid,adjust layer or something)?

  6. Marco Perri says:

    Very awesome

  7. silentdeth1 says:

    This is really good, thanks for taking the time. I assume you would do
    something similar for smoke effects, but how would I add heat shimmer if I

  8. ZabCos says:

    do you have that stock footage?

  9. Dr. OConnell says:

    Very nice. I was able to follow everything you did, and make some small
    changes to flatten out the base of the flame, change the complexity of the
    fire, &c. Really helping me learn trapcode form in a new way. Congrats!

  10. Tajfazon says:

    Thanks man! Nice and concise.

  11. Dream Runner says:

    very good work awsome

  12. slykuiper says:

    oh my god.

  13. motionsquared says:

    i’m sorry but I dont understand what you mean.

  14. motionsquared says:

    no, I lean’t this particular effect from a more extensive Trapcode Form
    tutorial series on

  15. Jackson Welch says:

    Can you do 3ds max tut???

  16. Bartje Ostend says:

    great tuto amigo, thanks

  17. Eovorah says:

    2 Comments? are you serious? this is a great tutorial!

  18. vipin meshram says:

    very helpful thanks pal

  19. kmthraHD says:

    Oh, that’s professional 🙁

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