After Effects Tutorials – Harry Potter Lightning Effects (Priori Incantatem)

After Effects Tutorials - Harry Potter Lightning Effects (Priori Incantatem) Harry Potter Lightning Effects/ Priori Incantatem Tutorial for After Effects SUBSCRIBE for more cool videos and tutorials!
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19 responses to “After Effects Tutorials – Harry Potter Lightning Effects (Priori Incantatem)”

  1. Claude13able says:

    i know i realized that before, you should check out my video of using some magic stuff

  2. TenSecondIntros says:

    watch again, yes he did.

  3. Tony Casas says:

    why doesn’t mine add the key frame help ASAP please is a project for school

  4. OfficialRexos says:

    Np man 😀

    (its awesome 🙂

  5. TheFredo549 says:

    Thaks so much!

  6. DareToDieTV says:


  7. OfficialRexos says:

    Dumbledore’s Army soundtrack,

    your welcome ;)

  8. OfficialRexos says:

    Yeah i also want to know :(

  9. TheFredo549 says:

    What’s name song of the video? Please send link.
    Btw it is super video! 

  10. killy831 says:

    super effect and tutorial

  11. Deron3003 says:

    you serious?

  12. MynameGfx says:

    how can i change the flares color?

  13. christosparkourboy says:

    the name of the program?

  14. Donatas Vaitekaitis says:

    Thank you very much.

  15. SkyLightLegacy says:


  16. Claude13able says:

    ok and how do u make the lens flare follow the wand

  17. TaraArtsMovie says:

    watch carefully from 6:12

  18. Claude13able says:

    this was good until u didnt show us how to make the lighting follow the wand

  19. valentin themag says:

    i’m downloading adobe after effects right now and i’m filling my time with videos

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