backup & restore wordpress website tutorial video

backup & restore wordpress website tutorial video In this video wordpress tutorial I will be t…
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10 responses to “backup & restore wordpress website tutorial video”

  1. somebodysvids says:

    Very helpful video!

  2. dangputerz says:

    It is not a simple as exporting your database. your have to move the files,
    and the database, and when you restore it, you are going to have to modify
    the URLS in the database.

  3. SelmerSax4u says:

    Hi Sam,will this backup and restore work if i restore it to a different
    server and cpanel,in other words change over to another host.Thanks for
    your videos very well done.

  4. Cheryl Flynn says:

    Everytime i work on my site, I come away tearing out my hair. Nothing is
    ever easy when it comes to WP, that’s for sure. I love how people say,
    yeah, just get a wp site, set it up and boom, you’re good to go. Hahaha.

  5. FirstSourcePress says:

    After reading all the jargon out there, and all the plugins and paid
    services, it’s good to see the best method right here. Straight to the
    source and forget about all the plugins and paid services. Great job!

  6. ivso1978 says:

    Hi is using the export tool in the admin area the same as exporting your
    database through myPHP admin? Can you use this method to move a website to
    a new location or do you need to edit some files as well? Thanks

  7. Robert Wraith says:

    3000 wasted seconds!!!!

  8. rand0minteg3r says:

    Hmmm sounds like an Iranian :D. Nice video, thanks!

  9. SelmerSax4u says:

    could i just do a backup of the cpanel with backup wizard instead ?,and of
    course the sql as you explained.Thanks much

  10. ran6257260 says:

    You’re incorrect about “Everything being in the database”. An example would
    be the files in wp-content folder. (They’re not part of the database)

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