C# Tutorial: Read/Write File [Open/Save File]

C# Tutorial: Read/Write File [Open/Save File]

VC# Express 2010 www.microsoft.com ————————————————————————– *** C# Tutorials *** tutplusplus.blogspot.com ————————————————————————– Recorded with Camtasia Studio 7 ————————————————————————– Here are the codes + additional notes + solution: tutplusplus.blogspot.com ————————————————————————– In this tutorial you will learn about: * OpenFileDialog Class; * SaveFile Class; * File Class; Keywords: System.IO; ————————————————————————– Organic Meditations One Kevin MacLeod www.incompetech.com Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” creativecommons.org ————————————————————————– Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more tutorials!
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7 responses to “C# Tutorial: Read/Write File [Open/Save File]”

  1. MrFantastic19912000 says:

    Thanks bro

  2. 1993Cira says:

    Thanks a lot man, great tutorials!

    Just one question, how could i add for user to choose file types in save option?

  3. WilliamLanceHancock says:

    Wow this great. Just got one Question though. I play a role playing game and I am making a combat simulator. I have many text boxes I want saved for like character stats and a like. use this method would require me to have a whole text file for each text box. Is there a way I could save and load a group of text boxes to one text file?

  4. Ahmet7641 says:

    it is only windows form application , not web application.

  5. Bconnelly2660 says:

    great. Straight to the point on how to do something!

  6. BytesRock says:

    as performed in web c #. net?????????

  7. wwwcokekingswebscom says:

    hey, i know this has nothing to do with your video, or it kinda has.. But anyway i’ll ask you about someting..
    None knows how to save listbox settings as string, and over xml?
    I’ve been googled for all day long, and i only found old tutorials with .net framework 2 or 3 i’m useing framework 3.5, microsoft 2008. Thank you for your time.

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