Tutorial: SmoothScroll Webpage with jQuery & Dreamweaver

Tutorial: SmoothScroll Webpage with jQuery & Dreamweaver

How to build a simple and slick one-page website with jQuery and Dreamweaver.
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16 responses to “Tutorial: SmoothScroll Webpage with jQuery & Dreamweaver”

  1. Erçin Mazmahor says:

    I have a webpage.. and i got 4 sections with float left (” an horizontal webpage”)
    but i want smoothscrool but i doesn’t work .. what is the javacode or how can i do that?
    it’s for school 😀

  2. darealher her says:

    wow, thank you so much, it works 🙂 but not in explorer, how can i fix it? Can anyone help me

  3. shalalala lee says:

    please make a video for horizontal parallax scrolling :/ having trouble with that.

  4. Hemali V says:

    Ya, same problem. The animated scrolling doesn’t happen after pasting the the scripts. did you fix that?

  5. Ruud Kuin says:

    Although you have a very great Bob Ross effect on me, I really did like this tutorial, more please!

  6. RyanRockheat says:

    Great tutorial, thx!

  7. teveoenlaweb says:

    Hola saludos, este también se puede configurar en el script para que el contenido se desplace horizontal? Gracias y buen video

  8. Lars Switynk says:

    I love your videos mate! Keep it up.

  9. theSparkyMisfit says:

    I’m having the same problem. Did you ever figure out why it wasn’t working?

  10. yu ki says:

    hey man i loved this tutorial very much 🙂

    could you possibly make a tut like the one that this website uses designspasm. n e t

  11. venkysty says:

    Could you please make video for horizontal scroll for webpages

  12. kreativemind1975 says:

    Very nice and easy to follow….Thank you for this example

  13. MrHammerValley says:

    very nice tutorial. but when I tried it. it doesn’t work on my web page. you just paste the scripts right? and it work on your web page. I did it the same way you do. but didn’t work on me. please help

  14. Chrystian Von Schoettler says:

    Thank you!! learned a lot 🙂 Good job!

  15. TheSniperz09 says:

    Thank you very much dude. It’s very helpful

  16. NemesisShows says:

    Good job,
    helped me very much!
    I hope i can see more tutorials with java from you.

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