Dreamweaver: Working with content management frameworks | lynda.com tutorial

Dreamweaver: Working with content management frameworks | lynda.com tutorial

This Dreamweaver tutorial shows how to work with content management frameworks. Watch more at www.lynda.com This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter one of the Dreamweaver CS5 New Features course presented by lynda.com author James Williamson. The complete Dreamweaver CS5 New Features course has a total duration of 1 hour and 33 minutes and covers the improved CSS workflows of CSS Enable and CSS Inspect, integrated services with CS Live, and the program’s support of popular content management system (CMS) frameworks. Dreamweaver CS5 New Features table of contents: Introduction 1. New Features Conclusion

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16 responses to “Dreamweaver: Working with content management frameworks | lynda.com tutorial”

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  3. PreyForTheStars says:

    Nooo, I couldnt figure it out 🙁

  4. robomanus says:

    extremely professional voice over

  5. migamuva says:

    download Dreamweaver CS5 with working activation tool from here

    softwaredirectdownload.c o m/graphic.html

    fully tested 100% works

  6. Aritra Das says:

    this new feature is very useful and made working with dynamic files more easy and fast.

  7. Aritra Das says:

    you ahve to install wordpress and php/mysql manually

  8. Aritra Das says:

    you have to install wordpress and php manually

  9. MixesAndStuff says:

    To edit a WordPress website on Dreamweaver CS5, does the discover feature do all the work for you, or do you have to manually install WordPress and PHP on your computer?

  10. David Wanambwa says:

    Did u ever know how to do this.. am stuck!

  11. David Wanambwa says:

    Did u ever know how to do this.. am stuck!

  12. PreyForTheStars says:

    Does anybody know how to change the language from French to English in this program…?

  13. Iphonejunk20 says:

    nice video! it was realy usefull

  14. Ricardo Tosin says:

    I wanna now if i change the files like you are changing if those changes will take effect at the wordpress theme that is currently running ?

  15. lacid4 says:

    Awesome Tips!!

  16. vonkeonig says:

    dont use a failphone then…

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