Vector Glassy Gel Button in Illustrator – Tutorial!

Vector Glassy Gel Button in Illustrator - Tutorial!

FULL VIDEO: This video was somehow automatically shortened by Youtube in Feb. of 2009. Instead of taking it down I decided to simply include a link to the full video on Make this cool slick glassy gel button in Adobe Illustrator!

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17 responses to “Vector Glassy Gel Button in Illustrator – Tutorial!”

  1. JJStuffEngineering says:

    Vector is good! explanation not good enough? ok..
    Vecor is BETTER than pixel :P

  2. joeypgh1 says:

    that one one very confusing tutorial.

  3. millspills22 says:

    hard to follow

  4. AlexH33 says:

    lol when i copy u word for word it still doesnt work

  5. mucast says:

    too confusing!

  6. s001boa says:

    @shiekhtm: even better just dl a mozilla/firefox add-on called “download helper”…

  7. John Rolex Odhiambo says:

    it’s not different at all. This may be too late but on the transparent window, click on “show options”. I suspect you are hidding options.

  8. staticwebsites says:

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  9. donblakeyboy says:

    this is completely different in cs3 – the masking has totally lost me…..anybody got any tips??

  10. byswiss says:

    vector is good!


    You are my hero tutvid! thanxs so much: you make my job sooo much easyier

  11. ryanguy4 says:

    this is thee only rubbish tutorials uve dne sorry lad u get 1 star

  12. Rex414 says:

    awesome job!

  13. shiekhtm says:

    Can I download these videos and save them for future reference, with you permission only and for personal use only.. thanks..

  14. Ebels123 says:

    Lol, vecter is good. Cause it’s scalable without interpolation. Unlike Raster stuff (photoshop)….at least that is my understanding

  15. RainaDragonfire says:

    Wooot love your vids !

  16. Rickdeckard2020 says:

    The page prints out way too dark, is there a function (CS2) to “lighten” an image?

    (I now realize my screen may have been too bright but have lots of illustrations done and would want to make them lighter)

  17. tutvid says:

    You can edit the paths of the button using the direct selection tool (HotKey = A).
    For a circular version simply follow the same exact directions just start with a circle and create the shine using a circle as apposed to the rounded rectangle.

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