Fix JAGGED TYPE in Adobe Photoshop

Fix JAGGED TYPE in Adobe Photoshop

One question that I get often, is “How do I fix jagged text in Photoshop’. This video is going to show you a few reasons why that may occur. Make sure to check out my other Photoshop tutorials. Links below! MORE FROM ICEFLOWSTUDIOS: Subscribe! Website! Facebook! http Twitter! Google+!
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25 responses to “Fix JAGGED TYPE in Adobe Photoshop”

  1. Mutterjunge says:

    I’m not totally sure but the idea of AI is that you build in a vector array so that you can scale it up and much as you want and it will NEVER show pixels. Then you print it and it looks awesome. If you use pixel based programs then you have to use the right pixel density if you want to make it bigger. Also the files will be big. Vector files are a lot smaller.

  2. viigraphix says:

    i’d change the font at the end of your videos… the top line at non 720p says CUCK TO SUBSCRIBE… but fortunately i watch at 720p, but youtube defaults at 480 and it says that… just saying.. oh love your vids!

  3. Sirjohndeere1 says:

    The end of your video got cut off

  4. Jaka Zulham says:

    how to make this video?
    what software did you use to capture the computer? 🙂

  5. dwrabauke says:

    if you add the voice-over later and have spaces between the speech files or empty space at the end it can happen when yt converts the video. i put dummy files into the gaps to fill the sound timeline until it fits the video in the editor, that seems to help. maybe it solves your issue too. 🙂

  6. ScottsCharacter says:

    You should add a second or two after the video.

  7. LoMaGeRiC says:

    I Like The New Intro. 

  8. Michael Delvaulx says:


  9. MCmases says:

    Usually I like how google runs their business, but I don’t understand what they are doing with youtube… but they are not doing it right.

  10. kmsptz says:

    Definitely helped!! But I think I also tried to change the image’s resolution when its going to printing from 72dpi to 300dpi

  11. darkAngelLuna says:

    Omg thanks so much for this little trick! 🙂

  12. Gerardo Gutierrez says:

    You shouldn’t be watching this episode either.

  13. Rich Collins says:

    Thanks so you mean that it auto opens a new document as a vector? Or do you have to select that choice?

  14. Smennyboy says:

    Lol, I have been using photoshop for years, and I did not know this. I use Photoshop mainly for picture editing, so naturally I don’t have that much experience with fonts. There is more than one use for photoshop

  15. PFplusW says:

    Or 50% can also help (sometimes even 25%)
    But the question is: How to fix a jagged lifestyle!?

  16. Caleb Lewis says:

    Nice tutorial!
    Could you make one about the best way to create a website mockup in photoshop please?

  17. bibiteix says:

    Sometimes when I use “Stroke” I get rough edges. What can I do to make them smooth?

  18. RandomoGaming says:

    I’m using the 3D part of photoshop, im wrapping an image i have made around a soda can using the photoshop 3D tool. Im not a beginner i understand photoshop pretty well but when applying the image to my soda can its not in a position i intented it to be but i can’t find a way to move and rotate the image on the 3D soda can, any ideas?

  19. PHPLanceRU says:

    I think I would be better to tell about how we can fix it on a rasterized layers… 🙂

  20. Mutterjunge says:

    If you are designing with type then Adobe Illustrator is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better. instead of being pixel based it is vector based so you don’t get aliasing.

  21. Aw3someX says:

    Put on one of those ‘waiting’ annotations so that the links will stay up long enough at the end for people to see/click on 🙂

  22. juppikumar says:

    Thanks For Sharing .. It Really helps a lot.. 🙂 (y)

  23. Dennis Porter says:

    Ctrl + 1 also zooms to 100%.
    Ctrl + 0 fits document to screen.

    I didn’t know about double-clicking on the Zoom Tool. That’s neat!

  24. TimeBreaker1987 says:

    How about a few little tricks specifically for web-design? You know, things that make your everyday-work easier, tweaks that lets the font look a bit more like the rendering browser engines do?

  25. Caio Phox says:

    Ctrl+Alt+0? what happened with Ctrl+1?

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